Robert Schonberger at thought home

September 30, Brooklyn

a little over a week ago I was flying from Singapore to Sydney; It was an overnight flight, leaving singapore at the uncivilized time of 2am. You know you’re on a late flight when the shopkeepers are shutting shop as you arrive to the airport.

I managed to get a little bit of sleep—after all, it was an 8 hour flight. I was jolted awake at some point, and when I woke, for some unknown reason, I decided to open the blind. That moment, that minute, was when the plane was about to cross over to the mainland of Australia. I could see rivers, peninsulas, beautiful nighttime vistas lit by the moonlight, and 3 beachside shacks, with a little light. From kilometres up. In the distance, a small town.

I got a little bored in Sydney, so I figured out that I had seen a little set of cabins in remote western australia, called Nature’s Hideaway at Middle Lagoon . How do I know? the flight path is public domain. They advertise themselves as a secluded getaway for families, 2 hours north of the already remote town of Broome.

Will I visit? who knows. I just liked the fact that I was there for such a funny moment. It’s starred, as a destination in Western Australia now.

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