Robert Schonberger at thought home

September 18, A Cute french bakery in Singapore.

I think about moving every now and then. A different neighbourhood. City. Country. Wonder what i’d ike. One of the funny things that I always think I’d miss is the great cafés next door, the custom butcher nearby, the cheap good beer pub, whatever.

I’m halfway around the world from where I’d want to be, in a cafe that serves croissants as good as anywhere, next door to a bookstore that has poetry, vintage cassette tapes and 4 resident cats. It could belong in Brooklyn, more likely. There’s all the chain stores I’ve seen in every Country i’ve been to. Paul Boulangerie. Uniqlo. Nando’s Chicken. All of it. That disucssion about the globalization of retail comes along.

I’d be pretty ok with anything, anywhere, actually, in other words. Wherever I fall, I’d be fine. This isn’t just retail. It’s politics. Schools. The only that really changes is that some things are closer. Milk? $3 a litre. Mango? $1.

Point: Be happy to move. Nothing will be missing.

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