Robert Schonberger at thought home

At home, without internet …

So i’m at my apartment and I don’t have internet, so I decided to write about a horrible idea for the internet. There have been so many bad businesses out there, and so many that spectacularly failed in the bubble of 2000— remember I want to do one better. I want it unethical, and I want it bad.

The best unethical idea I’ve seen so far is Darwin Dating, a dating website where ugly people aren’t allowed in. It’s so bad, so mean, that people couldn’t help laugh at the whole concept. I think it actually makes money. Wait, a bad idea that makes money? Damn. I need to get it worse.

How about, instead of that, a dating site with reviews? I think i’m on a winner here. You know when you go to amazon and theres the oh so helpful reviews of the book from former readers? well, why not the same thing on a dating site.

Say you look at a person, then you can review them “yeah, they weren’t who they said they were going to be. They said they were 6’2, but really, they were more like 5’7, and they took me out on a date to Harry’s cafe de wheels.” . The good reviews could be there too.

Its so wrong. Its so blatantly bad. Do you think it could work? I’ll come up with idea #2, something guaranteed to fail later.

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