Robert Schonberger at thought home

At Sydney Theatre, again.

Dear esteemed members of the academy, let me tell you about the play that I saw today. I learned, from an ape, how and why he became human; I saw a the really amazing production, all the way from London, of Kafka’s Monkey, which is a terrific adaptation of Franz Kafkas’ story, A report to an academy.

Kathryn hunter is on stage for no more than an hour, and convinces you she’s an ape from the first instant she shuffles onto stage. I was hanging off of every word, learning from Kathryn how, and more importantly, why, she decided to become Human. the answers may surprise you.

There’s nothing to improve on the play. The production is immaculate, and doesn’t steal anything from Kathryn’s fine acting. There’s nothing fancy, just an hour long monologue by a fine actress. And it’s entertaining, funny, and is making me wonder about why I make any decision that I make: is it because I want do something for myself? And will it make me happy?

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