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DVD weekend!

I used to watch Get Smart as a kid all the time. Maxwell Smart, running around the world saving it from Kaos weekend after weekend was awesome. Especially because it was so incredibly stupid, and they were all bumbling. Nobody was hurt, and the villains kept coming back, fighting against each other every weekend.

I had a good feeling about all this when I started watching Get Smart, the movie yesterday. Man, was I wrong or what, they’ve totally screwed around with the formula. The Rock plays a rugged, masculine completely amazing agent, the guy who gets everything done right. Agent 23 in the series as bumbling as the rest of the. What the hell, someone in Control is competent? What are they thinking?

Agent 99, Anne Hathaway, is unbelievably gorgeous, a perfect agent. What are they doing? She ends up jumping out of a plane, kicking some guys arse on the way down and opening her chute. Of course, Max is right there, falling out of the plane, after playing with some crazy gizmo. It’s like the time when James Bond started getting rid of the plot and started putting in a billion special effects, like some dude zapping a giant space ray to earth to kill everyone.

It gets worse: They start shooting. Who shoots in Get Smart! They actually have guns and shoot at each other. That’s totally unheard of. And then, they commit the worst crime against the TV series I’ve ever though could happen: Maxwell smart shoots, and he kills a bad guy! What. The. Hell. That’s totally wrong, they’re all meant to be incompetent as hell, not knowing what they’re doing.

It’s totally ruined what I thought of Get Smart: I mean, they’re shooting people, killing things. That’s just totally wrong. I hope they don’t make a sequel. And if they do, please don’t let me watch it. I’ll cry. Now, watching Wall-E on the other hand, that’s been great.

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