Robert Schonberger at thought home

23 Feb, at home, a little sick.

Have you heard of the Paragon Café in Goulburn? Neither have I. Well, that was true until Sunday afternoon.

Like everyone else, I get a bucket load of junk mail. most of the time, it’s you know, a little relevant: Fridge magnets for plumbers, the pizza place on the corner with their take away menu, real estate agents. Sometimes, you get something really weird. I’ve gotten massage parlours offering me ‘late night massages’ if I wanted them. Who would have thunk it.

So on Sunday, I got a restaurant leaflet for this place in Goulburn, which looked kinda cute. (‘To Eat with Distinction’ is their motto, apparently)—This is all fine, except, well, they’re in Goulburn. Thats about, oh, 167 kilometers away from where I live.

I don’t care how good the place could be, I’m not going to go there. It could be Tetsuyas or something, but I’m not going. I haven’t been to Tetsuyas, so I’m not fricking going to the paragon. What on earth was going through their head? how did they end up paying for it? What was the guy putting the pamphlet in my mailbox, and that of every single person in my street, thinking?

Can anyone think of a sane reason for this? Or perhaps a funny explanation that makes it seem like it was a good idea to advertise in Sydney?

BTW, Go to the Paragon. I hear it’s good.

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