Robert Schonberger at thought home

Rainy 14 Feb 2009, In Bed.

Theres not too much to say at this point, love it or hate it, Valentines Day is lovable because you get to see the ridiculous lengths they go to in order to impress each other. This year, some girl got on a bed with a whoe lot of rose petals, a la American Beauty for her fella, only to find out that he’s never seen it..

Florists sell out of flowers, Newsagents sell out of cards, Fancy restaurants sell out of seats. All of this just to show each other our afffections, but really, we know it’s a bit of an over the top peacock show. It makes me smile to see how silly everyone acts :).

Either way, I hope you’re all enjoying it with or without someone you love, and I dedicate This card (Can you believe I found a non offensive card at someecards?)

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